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Taking Gaming To A New Level – DebitWay and 186card.com Launch A New Loyalty Program

coupon_image_v3It’s been quite a while since we spoke to you guys about our Loyalty Program which we have mentioned earlier here, here and here. But that’s because we were in test mode, ready to go live. And live we are! DebitWay’s exclusive Loyalty Program has gone live with our first partner in this venture, www.186card.com.

DebitWay’s Business Development and Technology team has been busy at work since the past few months creating a product that will be advantageous to gamers as well as gaming websites, and the Loyalty Program is the result of that effort. The Loyalty Program basically offers all gamers who are customers of our partner, 186card.com, an exclusive deal when they buy from their website and choose DebitWay as their payment option. This deal offers the gamer a flat 10% off during the promotional period (13th to 20th August), on all products on 186card.com

186card.com, a partner of DebitWay since over a year and a half, has in the past reported a sales growth of 88% after using DebitWay. 186card.com is an exclusive gaming website which facilitates easy game access for its customers. The company’s confidence in the payment solution offered via DebitWay has paved the way for them to be the first partner with us for the exclusive Loyalty Program developed in-house.

Chunyi Ding, CEO and Owner of 186card.com has gone on record to say, “Credit cards and PayPal are rapidly becoming a less trusted option in the Canadian markets according to our observation. Not only is that a strong enough foundation for our faith in  DebitWay, but also the fact that they are continuously innovating to provide solutions that please not just them, but us and our consumers too.” Talking more about the Loyalty Program, Chunyi went on to add, “The Loyalty Program shows that a company that cares about our customers, is obviously a company that cares about us.”

DebitWay is proud to partner with 186card.com for the launch of their Loyalty Program. We look forward to great success with this new venture. DebitWay.ca welcomes gaming companies with a proven track record of transactions who would like to be a part of our Loyalty Program.

For more information about DebitWay, visit www.debitway.ca.


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