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A New Gaming Revolution: Social Games That Educate Children & Make Real Life Donations

Learning through Social GamesThe fact that social games are on a rise is well known, but what comes as a pleasant revelation is that a lot of mothers use social games to educate their children about world issues and to help make them aware about other cultures. A lot of social games are also getting into social awareness by converting gaming points into actual donations, issuing gaming challenges for donation transactions etc.

DigitalBuzz’s blog has reported that the average age for a gamer is 43 with women more likely to be gamers than men. Their blog has also reported that 54% of gamers are women and age group with the most gamers is 30-59 years.

Forbes.com has profiled an assortment of mothers who have reported that playing social games like Half The Sky Movement has positive effects on their children. Children learn about social issues in other parts of the world and act responsibly as a result of their learnings. The game also educates children about the various cultural differences and world issues faced by other countries, which the parents believe make them better human beings.

Another game Free Rice asks users quiz questions on various subjects like math, SAT prep, geography etc and for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Program in an effort to eliminate world hunger. This popular game among mothers educates children in two ways, by asking intelligent quiz questions and by also making them aware about the food crisis in other parts of the world. The British Red Cross has also come out with a game to help spread awareness about the Ugandan Conflict called Traces of Hope. Other games like WeTopia, and Joy Kindgom do their part by converting player points into monetary donation transactions for charities dealing with under-privileged children and animals.

Gaming giant Zynga has reported 3 million gaming contributions to the tune of $15 million through their Social Good campaigns. This kind of revenue that is directed toward social impact and awareness is not only beneficial for the society but also a great tool for parental guidance for character development. Currently, as an INTERAC® Online service provider, DebitWay is interested to push the entire social gaming experience forward and bring it towards social good. Gaming for good is a phenomenon that we at Debitway, would love to see more of.

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