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What To Watch For At The Game Developers Conference 2013 – Part 1

GDC-2013Written by Jon Arias –

With only one week separating game developers from around the world from their yearly Woodstock at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, there are some key areas that gamers, developers and payment processors alike should be paying special attention to.

Although there’s been buzz about the Sony PS4 session for developers, talk about a Nintendo comeback and a huge tease from Metal Gear Solid‘s Hideo Kojima about a big announcement, a slightly more technical yet extremely relevant topic that affects all gamers is the one revolving around alternative payment methods for the gaming industry and the emerging markets waiting to be tapped into, of which Canada is one for the taking.

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On March 29th, Albert Donahue, Chief Executive Officer for Payelp Global, Michael Frasier, Senior Director of Business Development for InComm, Ryan Ivers, Senior Sales Manager for Skrill/Moneybookers and Jonathan Newall, Director of U.S. Sales for SafetyPay are set to give a one hour session to enlighten game developers on “which payment options lead the way in emerging regions (including Latin America, Russia & More) and how alternative payment service providers can help gaming companies earn more revenue abroad.”

Mentioned in particular in the biography for Jonathan Newall of SafetyPay for this one hour session is his company’s reach into the Canadian market, which has been spearheaded through the use of payment options like INTERAC® Online to reach a customer base that is quickly moving away from payment options like credit cards and PayPal.

“Our research and data shows that Canadians are moving away from traditional methods of online payment and embracing the security and safety that INTERAC® Online gives them,” explains Rod Tomita, Regional Senior Business Development Manager for DebitWay.ca “and when you look at the growing number of Canadian gamers giving up their credit cards and PayPal accounts to use their debit cards through INTERAC® Online it reinforces the fact that companies like SafetyPay are making a smart investment for gamers in the Canadian market.”

Photo (ESAC)

Photo (ESAC)

Canada has also become a worldwide leader in the money transfer industry as well, with over $23.4billion dollars in remittance being sent from inside its borders to the rest of the world in 2012 alone.  The kind of traction and shift towards alternative payment services being used by Canadians, in gaming specifically, is also being echoed by business owners in the gaming industry as well.

Bill Zhang, Vice President of the York Group which operates the online gaming card website YorkGame.com details his success with offering alternative payment methods to his Canadian gaming customers.

“Switching over to alternative payment methods like INTERAC® Online through DebitWay.ca,” attests Zhang “has not only allowed us to connect with the growing number of Canadian gamers without a credit card, but it has dropped our rate of charge backs to zero which is something that credit cards and PayPal could never provide.”

In a country where almost 60% of the population considered themselves gamers in 2011, and the average age of that demographic being 33-years-old, there are clearly huge benefits to offering Canadians the types of alternative payment forms that they are searching for, and using much more often.

The GDC 2013 conference runs from March 25th to the 29th.  For more information you can visit their website at http://www.gdconf.com.

About the author:  Jon Arias is a Senior Software Developer and is in charge of the payment processing gateway at DebitWay.ca, leading the company to a safe and secured environment over the network.  Creation, innovation, and security are Jon’s goals.

About DebitWay.ca:  The DebitWay.ca corporate blog is your best source for news in the online payment, online shopping, remittance and money sending industries.  DebitWay.ca is a leading payment service provider that focuses solely on debit card services for Canadians using INTERAC®Online for payments, remittance and online shopping.  DebitWay.ca – Canada’s Favourite Way to Pay!  www.debitway.ca


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