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Game Devs Can Sell Their Games on Their own

Once upon a time, not too long ago, games were for children.  Of course things change as years and decades roll by, games are hardly the monopoly of children anymore, in fact I would venture to say quite the opposite.  Games are serious business now, BIG business now and the field in which savvy adults and creative entrepreneurs are flocking to in order to get in on the prospective profit windfall.

Now let’s be clear on the type of gaming we will be referring to in this article; the video game industrygamer gif

Table 1. Video Game Market Revenue, Worldwide, 2012-2015 (Millions of Dollars)

Segment 2012 2013 2014 2015
Video Game Console 37,400 44,288 49,375 55,049
Handheld Video Games 17,756 18,064 15,079 12,399
Mobile Games 9,280 13,208 17,146 22,009
PC Games 14,437 17,722 20,015 21,601
Total Video Game Market 78,872 93,282 101,615 111,057

Source: Gartner (October 2013)

Now take a moment or two to allow those numbers to sink in…  go grab another coffee or another Red Bull, whatever your poison of choice.

Now just to blow your minds a little more, try and imagine the added revenue that goes along with the Gaming Industry:


  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Toys
  • etc


  • Headsets
  • Controllers
  • Data Sticks
  • Game Guides
  • etc

Now try to extrapolate just how much money is being circulated/transferred in and around the Gaming Industry.  For arguments sake allow me to simplify it, the answer is: ALOT

The Video Game industry is huge, with the original generation of video Gamers now deep into adulthood and developing games for the future generations of Gamers, it is clear that the video game industry is now in a cyclical cycle that can only see it grow and grow and grow.  Gamers are smarter, Games are better and Developers are wiser.

Subsequently, one would think that Game creators and developers must be filthy rich, rolling in the money!  Well for a select few that may well be the case, but for the vast majority it is not so.  In fact one could characterize the creation and development of a video game as a labor of love.

This begs the question…  If Gamers are making games and Gamers are buying the games, why are the game developers not making the appropriate money?

Oftentimes (and some may argue that in a best case scenario) a game developer will work as an employee of a Big Game Company, earn his or her weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, perhaps have negotiated a deal in which he or she can garner a small percentage of his or her game (or the game he or she is working on).    The set up is akin to a writer working for a publisher.  Do all the work, create a fantastic game and/or story, collect a modest paycheck and the “MAN” or the “Company” will enjoy the profits.

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?!  Just be grateful that you were able to get a paycheck in the process right?!

Well, I am sorry but I do not subscribe to that mentality or business model, especially not in today’s day and age, not with the technology available, not with internet having effectively brought the world so much closer and certainly not with the bubbling emergence of Independent Strength that is slowly permeating through all things social.

It used to be that someone could create something (in our case, for this article, the something is a great game) but that was all he/she could do.  He or she could create it, but then would have to find others to market it, to show it off, to SELL it…

Times have Changed, yes they have, and…



Gaming Stats-1-1

I don’t know about you, but I see the amounts given away and my first reaction is  Game Dev Gif Excessive?  Really? Do you really believe that my reaction would be/is excessive?  I suppose if you feel trapped or lost, then giving away 30% or so is a viable alternative, but the truth is you DON’T have to.  As a Game Developer you may opt to place your game in the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store or some other “Big Box”, but that should be a luxury not a necessity, whether you make games for mobile platforms, PCs or consoles, YOU should be able to sell and receive payment for your products without anyone else’s hands being in the pot. the world is that the point where YOU can do exactly that.

Many Game Developers do not know how to effectively sell their games and products without the Big Businesses out there.  At DebitWay we want to empower these Developers, we want YOU to maximize YOUR hard earned money.  We want to allow YOUR Gamers to buy YOUR game, directly from YOU!

Not only do we have the tools and know how to do it, we can offer you and your Gamers MORE payment options than most of the Big Corporations.

  • IOP – Interac Online Payments
  • DDT – Direct Debit Transactions
  • EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer (eChecks for Canadians)
  • ACH – Automated Clearing House (eChecks for Americans)
  • And More…


DebitWay has over 10 years of experience in the payment processing industry.  We know how to get our Merchants Paid, it is what we do.

Get Paid the Right Way – Get Paid the DebitWay

raiing money

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It is always a good time to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Chart - 2012

On Jan 1st 2012 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 5.00$ USD ——————————————————————————– On Dec 31st 2012 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 14.00$ USD

Bitcoin Chart - 2013

On Jan 1st 2013 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 14.00$ USD ——————————————————————————– On Dec 31st 2013 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 900.00$ USD

Bitcoin Chart - 2014

On Jan 1st 2014 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 900.00$ USD ——————————————————————————– On Oct 17th 2014 – 1 BTC was valued at roughly 400.00$ USD

On October 9th I fired off a short article about a recent “Crash” for Bitcoin.  I use the term “Crash” extremely loosely, because it was hardly a crash, more like a small dip in value, that anyone with half a mind could have immediately realized that it would correct itself in very short order.

And of course it did.

I wanted to publish the short Article on that Monday, October 7th as I walked into the office, but as they say “the best laid plans”… It was not until two days later that I was able to publish it, nonetheless, my point was made and my stance has only been reinforced since then.

We are now over a week later, a week’s time since OMG!!! the price of Bitcoin Crashed and a over a week since I wrote and told people that now was NOT the time to run from Bitcoin, but rather Embrace it.  So allow me to apologize ahead of time for what I am going to write next, but it must be said:


The future is not something that anyone can hold back, the future is ever present and is inevitable.  Digital Currency is the Future and Bitcoin is its Flagship. It is a simple as that.
You can accept that now and get on board or huff and haw and watch the future pass you by…  along with any profits that could and should have been yours.

For arguments sake let me go over a short sequence of events these last two weeks

  • On Sunday October 5th the Value of 1 Bitcoin Dropped under 300.00$ USD (290.00$)
  • Mass Pandemonium ensues
  • On Monday October 7th the Value of 1 Bitcoin is already rising (330.00$ USD) I want to write an article urging people to bit Bitcoin, but I don’t have the time.
  • On Tuesday October 8th I begin writing the Article I wanted to on Monday, the Value of 1 Bitcoin is now at 344.00$ USD
  • On Wednesday October 9th I pusblish my short Article entitled BITCOIN; Time to Buy or Time to Run? The Value of 1 Bitcoin is listed at 356.54$ USD
    • I tell readers that now is the TIME TO BUY not run.
    • Wednesday October 15th.  The Value of 1 Bitcoin is at 394.57$ USD and continues to climb
  • Thursday October 16th.  The Value of 1 Bitcoin is at 380.52$ USD
    • OMG! OMG! Bitcoin dropped 14.00$!!!!!  Stop the Presses this is another epic Crash!!!!

epic facepalm DebitWay

  • Friday October 17th. This Article goes live, the Value of 1 Bitcoin is at 378.30$ USD

If you were of those who saw and understood that the drop in Bitcoin value would correct itself  quickly and you purchased a Bitcoin on

  • October 5th.  And sold it today you would have made ……  88.30$ USD Profit
  • October 7th WHEN I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO TELLING YOU TO   And sold it today you would have made …… 48.80$ USD Profit

Bottom line is, profit was and is there to be had

Now, all jokes aside, because we are speaking of money here after all.  Yes Bitcoin is money, all Digital Currency (Altcoins) is money and they require “FIAT” money to acquire.  Bottom line is, no one wants to lose money! Whether that money is US Dollars, Japanese Yens, EU Euros or the Internets Bitcoins.

So, if you will allow me to take a slightly more serious tone for the remainder of this article.

Digital Currencies, of which Bitcoin is the flagship and by far the most recognized, will oft see their values fluctuate, not unlike the way we see a country’s currency fluctuate.  It is the nature of the beast so to speak.  But we must never lose sight of the fundamental difference between Bitcoin (Digital Currencies) and Dollars/Euros/Yens (FIAT currencies),

You see, Bitcoin’s value is not predicated upon whether or not a population of a particular country trust it or not.  Bitcoin is not volatile in the same Absolute way in which FIAT currency is.  Understand that Bitcoins will only be produced for a finite amount of time (the last Bitcoins will be produced in 2140 (give or take)m and there will only be a finite amount of total Bitcoins produced, just shy of 21 million, but if you want a more exact number try this one on for size 20,999,999.999999999496 BTC.  So yea, lets agree to go with the “just under 21 million”.

The value of a Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate on the day to day scale and will continue to grow on a yearly scale.  So once again I will repeat this articles title “It is always a good time to Buy Bitcoin“.  IF you look at things in the short term, you will always panic and give the aficionados some entertaining laughs, IF you take things in stride and look at the big picture…  you will be happy for it.

Now with all that being said, I wouldn’t be a very helpful person if I didn’t, at the very least, point you in the right direction and provide you with links to Bitcoin (Digital Currency) traders/exchanges/merchants… you know the people and places were you can actually get your hands (well virtual hands) on some bitcoins.

cryptsy logo

DebitWay Bitcoin

DebitWay Bitcoin

DebitWay Bitcoin






Digital Currency Dressing up for Halloween

Abbey_Road_Trick_or_TreatDC-1.jpgWith Halloween just around the corner, kids are feverishly looking to come up with the best costume they can!  It is a yearly tradition, almost as exciting as weeding through ALL the candy that the little tikes will have plundered during the evenings trek.
While ghosts, ghouls and goblins have always been a fan favorite, times change and often the nature of the costumes will reflect the times.  Lets take this image as an example:

What do we have here?


A Werewolf

A Frankenstein

A Vampire


A Ghost

All pretty typical Halloween costumes, I am certain we will have our fair share ring our doorbells and and greet us with the customary


Of course as a Payment service Provider I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that I have both Heard… and seen that Digital Currencies are looking to get into the joyous Halloween activities.  Although I do have to say that while this is likely their collective first Halloween, it does sadly appear as though their creative uniqueness has hit a roadblock.

HalloweenDC-1Not unlike the years when a specific superhero or superheroes are all the rage.  The years when we see countless Batmen or teenage mutant ninja turtles.
It would appear as though the younger Digital Currencies have their own hero to mimic and impersonate for Halloween, oh yes you must surely have guessed it, but it case you haven’t, here is a picture to demystify you.


What do we have here?


A Bitcoin

A Bitcoin

A Bitcoin


A Bitcoin

I suppose they are all pretty typical Halloween costumes, I mean if I was an Altcoin like Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Namecoin and Litecoin, well I’d reckon that my “superhero” of choice would indeed be Bitcoin and if I was to dress up as a superhero for Halloween…  A Bitcoin costume would make perfect sense.

While we are here, lets take a look a what “Super Powers” Bitcoin has:

  • The Ability to GROW in record time!
  • The Ability to withstand crashes and come out Stronger than ever!
  • The Ability to Inspire others!
  • The Ability to Withstand Government interference
  • The Ability to deflect Naysayers

& Finally

  • The Ability to make everyone Richer!

Oh yes, if I was an Altcoin, BITCOIN would indeed be my Hero!

BITCOIN; Time to Buy or Time to Run?

Over the course of the weekend the value of a Bitcoin plummeted to a disturbing low, falling under the 300.00$ (USD) mark for the first time in a very long while.  The cost of 1 Bitcoin was 290.00$ on Sunday October 5th, dropping roughly 18% from 356.00$ to 290.00$.  The value corrected itself and has now stabilized at roughly 330.00$ as of October 7th, 2 days following the weekend “crash”

This wasn’t the first time Bitcoin was hit with a substantial drop in value, nor will it likely be the last time.

That being said this latest 18% drop pales in comparison to the huge crash that occurred between Dec 4th Dec 7th, of last year (2013).  During which time Bitcoin aficionados saw the value of 1 Bitcoin go from 1,147.00 $ to 694.00$.  Now that was a substantial hit.

As of October 8th the price of 1 Bitcoin was listed at 344.00$.  That is some serious fluctuation in the span of a short 5 days, but does this mean that the average person should look to buy some Bitcoin before the price rises again, or run from Bitcoin and avoid getting caught up in any risky roller coaster ride?

Bitcoin The FutureFramed.jpg

Truth is the answer really depends on the type of character the person inquiring has.  That being said, if you are reading this article, odds are that you are a Bitcoin (Digital Currency) enthusiast.  As such, I’d say pick up a Bitcoin or two or three… or as many as you can safely afford to pick up, before the price rises again, because it will, it always has.  During Bitcoin’s short life thus far (for a brief recap of Bitcoin’s history click here), it has done nothing but climb in value over the years.

In fact, if you would have picked up a Bitcoin when it dropped to 290.00$ this past weekend and looked to sell it today, well, you’d have made a 54.00$ profit.  Pretty cut an dry if you ask me.

Now lets take a look at it from a Payment Service Provider’s perspective, DebitWay is proud to help Bitcoin merchants get up and running in their endeavours.  In fact in the last 2 months alone, DebitWay has partnered with 4 great Bitcoin companies, effectively providing payment solutions for Quadrigacx, Coinrnr, Expresscoin and Cryptsy.

With More and more people looking to get into the Digital Currency industry on a daily basis and more and more large existing Bitcoin enterprises expanding at a rapid pace.  The writing is on the wall; Bitcoin is not done growing, now is not the time to run from it, but rather to embrace/invest in it.

When the value of Digital Currencies drop, as it has this last week, some will see it as a bad sign, otherwise will see it as the ideal time to invest.

At DebitWay we see the patterns, we see the trends and we see an ideal opportunity to get your hands on some Bitcoin!  As of right now (October 9th) The value of 1 Bitcoin is set at 356.54$.  Essentially where it was before the “Crash

Raining Bitcoin




The DebitWay Family of Online Payment Methods

You know and you don’t know DebitWay. That isn’t your fault, I know the game of cricket and I don’t know the game of cricket.
So in order to clear up any confusion I’d like to take this time to reintroduce you to the DebitWay Family, the appropriate acronyms and of course the specific function of each individual payment method that make up our Online Payment Processing Service household.Let’s start with DebitWay itself, you may believe that the acronym it is associated with is DBT and in fact you would be correct! But do you know what DBT stands for? Direct Bank Transaction? Direct Bank Trade? Dominant Bank Team? No, no and… No.
The acronym DBT actually stands for DEBITWAY BANK TRANSFER. Of course now that you see it, it makes perfect sense.  After all, DebitWay has been in the business of providing you, the online merchant, with the best, most reliable and most secure payment processing for over 10 years, or in laymen’s terms, DebitWay transfers money from one bank to another.
So how exactly does DebitWay provide its partners with superior payment solutions?  The answer is, once again, very simple.  DebitWay offers its online merchant partners 5 distinct solutions to help augment their transaction totals and potential incoming revenue.  For as long as there has been cash, people have preferred to pay…cash, DebitWay allows you (the merchant) to accept cash from consumers.  Simple isn’t it?  It seems almost logical, however in today’s high tech, fast-moving world, it isn’t always that simple.  To help manage and assist its partners, DebitWay’s family consists of 5 distinct payment processing methods that can be taken individually, selectively or bundled collectively.


DebitWay PSP Bundle


INTERAC® Online Payment  (IOP)

The DebitWay IOP service is a boon for Canadian e-merchants; it allows them to benefit from real-time payment processing, no charge backs and the added luxury of being able to rely on a widely recognized and respected payment method of which DebitWay has been Certified Payment Provider for over a decade.

Wait, Wait! What if I am not a Canadian e-merchant!?”  I hear you, and I am getting to that, rest assured, DebitWay has taken the world into account and the next member of the family is tailored for the world as a whole!

Direct Debit Transfer (DDT)

DDT is DebitWay’s “Worldly” family member.  What does that mean?  It means that if you, as a savvy online merchant, generate transactions from say… United States of America, United Kingdom, China, Mexico or Australia(for example), DDT is likely the payment processing method most tailored for you. With banks in over 50 Countries signed on to DebitWay’s DDT, we have the payment solution you need.

Direct Debit Transfer is akin to IOP in that it will process your transactions in real-time and eliminate the fear of charge backs.  The name says it all; it is a direct debit transfer payment solution, the consumer’s funds move directly from his or her bank (world-wide) into your (the DebitWay partner’s) account.    Quick, simple and infinitely effective!


Where does that take to us now?  If the DebitWay family simply consisted of these 2 fantastic payment solution options, it would effectively be a successful family.  That being said, because the DebitWay family is constantly working at providing the best possible advantages to their partners,  merchants who sign up with DebitWay will fast come to realize that they are not simply e-Merchant #102384846, they become, in fact, part of the family, partners in a symbiotic relationship that never ceases to provide benefits.  This is not a statement taken all “willy-nilly” out of the air and placed upon this blog post, in fact the next 3 members of the family are proof positive this statement.  DebitWay looks (and works at) providing their partners with payment solution options that can maximize their businesses and expand their reaches.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT  is a long-standing payment option that allows Canadian e-merchants (yes, yes, I will get to those non Canadian entities in a moment) to accept payment for their products or services from anyone who is the bearer of a valid checking account.

EFT is the payment gateway for processing e-checks.  While IOP and DDT are more exclusive, EFT is all about inclusivity!  It makes no difference if the consumer on your website conducts his or her financial transactions with a bank, credit union or caisses populaires.  If they can write a check, they can pay you, simple as that.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)  *Coming Soon!

This brings us to the next member of the DebitWay family, EFT’s American counterpart (I did promise that I would get to the non-Canadian entities).  ACH, short for Automated Clearing House, allows merchants to accept e-checks from American financial institutions.  Let’s be honest here, Canada (which is an incredible country that can boast producing the most fantastic maple syrup and the best hockey players in the world) has a population of 35 million, whereas the United States of America can lay claim to population that numbers in excess of 317 million people!

So I ask you, wouldn’t you, as an e-merchant, want to allow these millions of potential e-shoppers the opportunity to pay for your product or service?   Of course you would!

Credit Cards (CC)   

Of course credit cards will always be a mainstay in the PSP world.  When all else fails, eConsumers reach for their credit cards in order to complete online transactions. While has gone to great lengths to provide eMerchants to the best, most reliable and most intuitive alternative payment service processing, the fact remains that DebitWay’s #1 goal is to provide its merchant partners with every tool they need in order to grow and prosper in the eCommerce world, as such credit cards are being added to the DebitWay family!

These 5 online payment methods are not novel, what is novel is the security, customer service and dedication that offers alongside their family of payment methods.  A family that is all readily accessible from one place, with one Master Merchant Account.


This now brings us to the final member of the DebitWay family; YOU.  Yes YOU, the online merchant, whether you are in the Remittance world, the Telecom industry, the Bitcoin market or any of the online industries that require a professional and dedicated payment service provider.  YOU are the final member of the DebitWay family because once you sign up for any or all of DBT’s services; you become a member of the family, a partner in the truest sense of the word.  Together with DebitWay’s professionals, you will set up, implement and launch into a brave new world of symbiotic understanding, growth and prosperity. With expert guidance, tailored loyalty programs and integration professionals, you will never feel alone. That is what family is all about.

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