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DebitWay’s Turn-Key Solution for eMerchants

When a Payment service Provider like DebitWay states that they offer a “Turn-Key” solution to you payment processing requirements, the immediate question becomes:

Turnkey Payment Processing

What Requirements do I need?  What does Turn-Key mean?

Lets go through those questions in order before we move along to the finer details of what DebitWay brings to burgeoning electronic merchants (eMerchant).

What Requirements do I, as an eMerchant, need?

  • As an eMerchant you need to be able to honor all payment requests; Credit Cards, Debit, eCheck
  • As an eMerchant you need to be able to accept payments from all corners of the Globe
  • As an eMerchant you need to be able to receive payment in various currencies
  • And more…

What Does Turn-Key mean?

  • something that is ready for immediate use
  • a type of project that is constructed so that it could be sold/offered to any acquirer  as a completed product
  • For simplicity’s sake, Turn-Key means Ready to Go. Like a car for example, you have the Key, you turn the key and the car is ready to go, headache, hassle and stress-free.

DebitWay is prepared and equipped to Set you up and get you processing online transactions with Magento if you are contemplating the idea and expand on your current service if you are already processing with the open-source eCommerce software but need and want to expand your global reach so that you can process transactions from anyone, anywhere in the world while benefiting from secure, guaranteed payments that are immune to charge backs/Reversals.

For more information or to speak with one of our dedicated payment service processing representatives please feel free to email us at:
PSP Info or contact us via telephone at +1 514-448-5461


Expanding your Open Source eCommerce Plug-in

Merchants in today’s 21st century economy have to be keenly aware of the burgeoning eCommerce world.  Success has never been more intrinsically linked to the world wide web than it is today.

The good thing is that more and more payment processing options are being offered to the 21st century electronic merchant (eMerchant) thanks to innovative open-source content management system for e-commerce web sites.  Software like the following:

Payment Processing     Payment Processor     Payment Service     Payment Processing     Payment Services     Payment Processor

Perharps the Most widely known and widely used of which is Magento.  This free eCommerce solution is estimated to have over 200,000 subscribers using their Plugin.

Now while these open-source eCommerce solutions provide a fantastic first step into the world of electronic commerce payment processing, the unavoidable truth is that as an electronic merchant’s (eMerchant) online presence and business grows, he or she must undoubtedly seek out 3rd party assistance to expand their payment processing needs.

DebitWay has taken measures to be that 3rd party, in fact DebitWay has has stepped into the open-source plugin world of eCommerce by offering existing (and future) Magento users the ability to process Guaranteed Transactions, transactions that are immune to charge backs!

DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT®), is just one of the alternative payment methods that can be incorporated into Magento, an incorporation that the professionals at DebitWay are more than happy to set up for you.


  • Honoring Requests from all corners of the globe
  • Accepting diverse forms of payment (not just credit cards)
  • Never having to worry about Charge Backs/Reversals
  • Having access to 100s of banks!

This is what DebitWay brings to Magento users, this and more.  Contact our Sales team for more information:Email Us!

Online Payment Service Processing Fun Fact #7

What do Americans Purchase the MOST Online

Direct DebitWith so many things to buy and so many choices of sites to “window shop” from, the question becomes;


Well it should come as no surprise that the same thing that the typical man will spend his hard earned cash on is the same thing that is the MOST purchases online.

Seems that mean are not the only ones who are buying consumer electronics online.

But we do have to note that books are a VERY close second, at 67% to Consumer electronics 69%

Direct Debit is the Most Direct way to getting what you want online


Ask DebitWay Payment Service question We are here to Help

Online Payment Service Processing Fun Fact #6

How Many People Shop Online

Online Shopping PaymentThe Earth has a global population of roughly 6.5 billion (and growing… of course).  Of the 6.5 billion earthly denizens, it is reported that 27% of them do in fact shop online.

In case math is not your strong point, allow me to simplify this for everyone. 27% of 6.5 billion is (roughly):


“1/4 of the world populace go somewhere to shop…  good enough reason for me to open a store there.”

Ask DebitWay Payment Service questions We are here to Help

De-Mystifying the difference between IOP and DDT

Recently we have been asked to clarify the difference between two of our more prevalent payment services:

Direct Debit Transfer (DDT)


INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP)

In the hopes for clarifying any misconceptions and de-mystifying the subtle yet immensely important difference between these two payment processing methods I will start first and foremost with the cruxes of the disparity between both debit transfer payment services.

IOP is a debit payment service that services CANADIAN consumers.

DDT is a debit payment services that services consumers the world over.

While this decidedly invisible discrepancy (invisible to those on the purchasing end) may seem inconsequential to consumers whose sole interest is the purchase and payment of their desired goods and of little relative consequence to electronic merchants whose sole interest is the ability to receive payment for the goods or services they are providing, it does bear mentioning.

DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer payment option is comprised of a world wide network, IOP is one of these payment options that help DebitWay service the world with guaranteed, real-time debit transactions.

Transferring cash (which is essentially want a debit transfer is) is contingent to s slew of committed pieces all working together in harmony;

  • The issuing Financial Institutions
    • Be they Bank
    • Be they Credit Union
  • The Receiving Financial Institutions
    • Be they Bank
    • Be they Credit Union
  • The Delay in Confirmation that the requested funds
    • Are readily available
    • Have Been transferred
    • Have been received
  • The number of Financial institutions “subscribed” to online Debit Transfer services
  • The Payment Service Provider having instilled the proper security measures
  • and the list can go on and on…

While there is no tangible difference to these services, it must be noted that one is Nation exclusive and the other is Global.

As far as the online merchant is concerned the payment processing remains the same; cash in real time that is not subject to reversals.

As far as the customer is concerned, once again there is no tangible difference that he or she will notice.  The end result remains the same, a safe and secure online transaction using your bank card for a direct debit transfer.

Canadian consumers have long trusted the safety of transacting with INTERAC®, be at a POS (Point of Sale) terminals or via an online site that processes card not present transaction requests (which essentially encompassed all online card transactions, be it debit or credit).

DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) is looking to instill that same sense or permeating trust, in online transactions that INTERAC® has done in Canada, but with DDT, DebitWay looks to replicate that sense of online transacting peace of mind the world over.

For More information concerning DebitWay or DebitWay’s payment processing gateways and services, you are invite to email us at:


Interac and the Interac logo are trade-marks of Interac Inc. The Interac Online Payment service is owned and operated by Acxsys Corporation

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