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Online Payment Service Processing Fun Fact #2


JetThe Single Largest Online Transaction ever made was the purchase of a Gulfstream V business jet by Mark Cuban.

The transaction amount was for a record 40 million USD or 25 million Pounds.

“When you are buying jets, you don’t need to go to a dealership”

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Online Payment Service Processing Fun Fact #1


pizza-hutThe First Online Transaction was a Pizza Hut pizza pie in 1994.

Pizza Hut didn’t just coin the stuffed crust pizza, they have been stuffing their online wallets longer than anyone else.

“Groundbreaking events occur when a person’s stomach rumbles!”

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Preparing for Next Year’s Holiday Bonanza

It is never to early to start preparing an online business for the December – January holiday spending bonanza, but it could be too late!
Proper planning and intelligent foresight are the keys to ensuring that your online enterprise will be benefiting from the millions and billions of dollars that are spent during the most lucrative holiday period of the year.




business planning

First things first, this should come as no surprise to you, any businessman or woman should already know this.

But for arguments sake let me spell it out for you.  Make a checklist.  A detailed checklist, a checklist that is comprised of all the things that can and will be needed for your website to run smoothly and effectively.

Leave no stone un-turned as they say; staff, electricity cost, hosting, inventory, etc should all be present on your checklist.

Now where Alternative Payment Service Providers (PSP) like DebitWay come into play is in relation to the payment methods you are making available to your customers.  While it may seem redundant or perhaps even obvious, if you do not have the right payment service provider, or if you are not offering the right payment method to your clients…

You will surely be missing out on a great deal of transactions and thus subsequently, profit $$$.

You may well of completed every item listed on your checklist, but if you haven’t established a solid partnership with a dedicated payment service provider like DebitWay, you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.
Partnering with the right PSP will allow you to field ALL clients and honor all transaction requests.  Plan right and get your online venture set up in a way that will maximize your efforts and profits.

The DebitWay Family of Payment Options

In our previous DebitWay Family of payment options Article we listed and went into great detail about each respective payment method available.

Click the above link and you will be brought to it should you have missed it when it was originally posted.  

I will list the respective members of the DebitWay Payment Service Provider (PSP) family to help you get an idea of what the ideal PSP partner should be equipped with and prepared to offer you.

Interac Online Payment – IOP

Direct Debit Transfer – DDT

Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT

Automated Clearing House – ACH

Credit Cards – CC

For more details on the respective payment methods and their individual characteristics, I urge you to review the Article I have linked to earlier.

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Gaming 2.0

The gaming industry has changed dramatically in the last few decades, effectively morphing into a “Social Gaming” industry.  As technology advances and allows people to interact and bond across oceans and from every corner of the globe thanks to the advent of a plethora of social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, text messaging and video chats, it was a only matter of time before the gaming industry began incorporating the social aspect into their platforms, be it console, PC, or mobile applications.


Old School Getting Together

Games have always served to group people together.  That is the inherent & innate premise of “games”; to unite like-minded people with the ultimate goal being to pass some enjoyable and entertaining time together.Whereas in the past a person may have had to run down a list of friends, call them all up individually and inquire as to whether or not they would be interested in playing a game of, say, monopoly.  Should the intrepid gamer have succeeded in his search for players, he would then had had to establish a target location to implement this “gaming” plan.  Another series of calls would ensue.  Finally once the players and the location have been determined and agreed upon, the final step would, of course, have  been to establish a time that would conform to everyone’s schedule.


A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL… once all the time sucking and tedious steps had been completed.

Monopoly Old School

Nowadays playing a game of monopoly, finding players and a location wherein the gaming will take place is almost instantaneous, such is the beauty of modern technology.


Even if our intrepid social gamer does not have the game in question, Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, etc … Acquiring it would be much simpler than it was previously.  Trekking to the nearest mall, or toy store via public transit or automobile to secure the game in question was par for the course.


Monopoly New

In today’s day an age, a simple online search for the game in question and an online purchase of it from the eMerchant you have selected makes life a great deal easier for our intrepid gamer.  If the eMerchant in question has partnered with the right payment service provider (PSP) like, our intrepid social gamer will have a slew of different payment options from which to select. 


Perhaps his credit cards are full, or perhaps he simply does not like to use them online.  With PSPs like DebitWay, the eMerchant will certainly offer our intrepid social gamer the option of Debit payments like Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) or INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) should the social gamer be Canadian.  Of course there is also the option of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and ACH (Automated Clearing House) should the merchant decide to offer his clients the eCheck payment option.

Online Games

Gaming is faster, easier and thus a lot more fun since technology has dispensed with the tedious steps we had to go through in the past




There are Pros and Cons for both types of gaming; Real and Virtual, but they aren’t the Pros and Cons you may think:

Do you remember the mess it made and time it took to set up and clean up a game of RISK?!

Do you remember the mess it made and time it took to set up and clean up a game of RISK?!

PROS – Virtual

1. Always find people to play with
2. Play anytime YOU want
3. Play any game YOU want
4. You don’t have to set up the Board ;)
5. You don’t have to put away the game

CONS – Virtual

1. “Board flippers” will often just quit/leave the game
2. Unless a timer is set, turns can take a looooong time
3. You need an Internet connection
4. If you want a chatty experience you need a headset
5. Not all games are online (although most are)

alot easier when all you have to do is point and click

Alot easier when all you have to do is point and click!

PROS – Real

1. Looking at the player you are beating in the eyes
2. The “munchies” that the game host provides
3. Playing with people you know and like
4. No need for internet
5. Telling your pal to “move it!” is the only timer needed

CONS – Real

1. Driving/Walking” home when game night is done
2. You can’t mute your friends
3. “Board flippers”
4. The host forgets the “munchies”
5. Setting up the Game was always a pain

Now lets get serious for a moment and discuss the PROS and CONS of an eMerchant who has partnered with DEBITWAY to be his/her Payment Service Provider (PSP)


1. The DebitWay Family of Payment Methods
2. Debit Payments with IOP and DDT
3. No Risk of Charge Backs with Debit transactions
4. Real Time payment processing for Debit transactions
5. Accept eChecks with EFT and ACH
6. Dedicated Customer Service
7. ISG – Intelligent Sales Generator to help merchants draw new customers
8. Loyalty Program that is easy, intuitive and quickly tailored to any industry by the merchant himself.





On this 27th of November 2014, Your Alternative Payment Service Provider would like to wish all of our American friends a very special and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

PSP Thanksgiving



Payment Service Provider ThanksgivingWe know that you are all gearing up to eat a delicious bounty, to watch some incredible NFL football and to tackle your Black Friday Online Shopping with Direct Debit Transfers (DDT)!  But on this special day, we here at DebitWay would like to remind everyone to be safe and to be judicious in their respective actions. We Wish you all the best and hope that your loved ones are safe and sound.  We hope that you are surrounded by family and that your are always blessed to have many things to be thankful for.



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