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Online CASH (Direct Debit Transfer) or credit cards

As we approach the most highly shopped days on the calendar year, an extremely prevalent and pertinent question keeps returning.

black fridaymerryxmasOnline Debit Transaction

Should I make my Online purchases with CASH or CREDIT?


Give YOUR Consumers the CHOICE

Now I can hear the collective “huh’s” permeating through cyberspace.  How does one pay with cash online?  There are payment processors who specialize in allowing you to pay for transactions online with “cash”.  Alternative Payment Service Providers like DEBITWAY.

CYPW2C offers 2 ways to accept cash on line via Debit Transfer services:

  • DDT Direct Debit Transfer
  • IOP INTERAC® Online Payment

IOP is geared toward Canadian consumers and eMerchants who seek to process cash transactions from Canadian eShoppers.

DDT, Direct Debit Transfer, is an entirely different kind of beast.  eMerchants who offer the DDT (cash) payment option to their clientele, effectively open the their doors to the World.  DebitWay’s DDT allow online merchants to accept debit (cash) transactions from over 150 banks worldwide, in over 60 distinct countries.

Make no mistake, credit cards are and will forever be a mainstay in the online payment industry.  the question is NOT which method is best; Debit, eChecks or credit cards.  The question is which method are YOUR clients most comfortable using?

Cash predates all forms of transaction methods.  Intrinsically, people will trust, like and migrate toward what they have known for years.  Cash is a safety blanket for many consumers so to speak, a savvy online merchant will make it a point to offer their consumers a “safety blanket”.

Choice is key, it has and will always be, Key.  People want to know that they are able to choose what they prefer, whether that is Electronic Funds Transfer (eChecks; EFT or ACH for American consumers), credit card processing or Direct Debit Transfer (DDT or IOP for Canadian consumers).

Stop wasting time and commit to offering your consumers, both current and future, the payment options THEY want.
Ask one of our reps for MORE INFORMATION or SIGN UP directly on our site.

Are YOU Ready for Black Friday?

The Holiday season is upon us and for a large contingency of online merchants it is their most profitable time of the year, for some, however, the spike in sales and transactions seem to skip them over and the holiday period comes and goes as just another day or week.

Which begs the question:

Are YOU Ready for Black Friday?

Debit Online Black Friday

You may think that you have done your due diligence, that you have made the appropriate arrangements with your internet provider to up the bandwidth in anticipation of a deluge of web surfers rushing to your site.

You may well have strategically placed ads to lure eShoppers to your site and you may have even doled out some money of your own to hire extra staff in order to ensure that everything moves smoothly.

All of which is GREAT! But…  what happens when this giant Tsunami of eShoppers and eConsumers turn their attention to completing their transactions?  Will you be ready to process their requests? Will you have the payment method that they are set upon using?

Did you Know that Black Friday is the largest retail sales period year wide?  More than Christmas and more than Boxing day… that is nothing to scoff at.

During the Black Friday period, consumers have been reported to make Debit Transactions in excess of  31 million dollars worth.  Reports have indicated that a staggering 80% of purchases/transactions were done via Debit in 2010 and this number has grown to the tune of 1% a year since 2008! Now is the ideal time to make sure that your online store is equipped to offer its eConsumers the payment method that they want.

  • Have YOU contacted DebitWay in order to make sure that you can offer IOP (INTERAC Online Payment) processing for your Canadian consumers?
  • Have YOU inquired about DebitWay’s DDT (Direct Debit Transfer) to make sure that you can accept Debit Transactions from all around the Globe for consumers worldwide?

These questions may seem second nature and redundant now that you read them.  However  you would be surprised (or perhaps not if you don’t have Debit Processing) of just how many eMerchants neglect the most important aspect of their online businesses; processing the transactions!

Direct Debit Transfer

You may think that if you have credit card and eWallet processing that you are good to go.  And you’d be right; Good to go shoot yourself in the foot and watch another holiday bonanza pass you by!

And here is some more food for thought;

Not all Online Debit Transaction Processors are created equal, in fact quite the contrary.  DebitWay Alternative Payment Processing offer you a choice of IOP or DDT (or BOTH), the beauty of DebitWay’s Debit transaction processing is that they are immune to CHARGE BACKS/REVERSALS.

Don’t waste time, find out more today and sign up ASAP!  Don’t let millions of potential transactions pass you by.

Sign Up for IOPContact a Rep

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Debit Online Transactions

Make Certain that Your Online Clients are as Happy as She is!


Direct Debit Transfer

Since day 1 eMerchants have been clamoring for a global version of DebitWay’s INTERAC© Online Payment (IOP) method and while DebitWay has indeed offered such a service for numerous years, recently the “cash” payment option has been tweaked and refined to make it an indispensible commodity for all eMerchants, particularly those in the crypto currency and social gaming industries.

Consumers don’t want to know about that logistics behind payment processing, they don’t care.  What the eConsumer wants to know is that he or she can pay for their online purchase anyway they want.  Sure credit cards and eWallets may well saturate the online landscape; the truth is that the reign of these payment methods may well soon be at an end.

Direct Debit Transfer

The average consumer who is out shopping for something or other, will not intrinsically reach for their credit cards to pay for their purchase.  The initial reaction is to visit an automated teller machine (ATM), withdraw the necessary cash and complete their purchase…

Direct Debit Transfer

…or inquire as to whether or not the retailer/merchant has a debit payment method available. DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) gives online retailers/merchants to added advantage of offering their clients to opportunity to make transactions online the same way they would opt to do so in the material world.


How and Why the average Online merchant should care (and make no mistake, they SHOULD care) about DebitWay’s online Direct Debit Transfer really shifts from industry to industry. lets dispense with the obvious benefits that correspond to ANY and ALL eMerchants who are using DebitWay’s DDT payment options:

  1. DebitWay’s DDT is a CASH purchase
  2. DebitWay’s DDT is protected from ChargeBacks/Reversals
  3. DebitWay’s DDT is Real-Time Transaction Processing
Where it gets really interesting is for those in the Crypto-Currency (Bitcoin/Altcoin) and Remittance industries.
Online Debit Transfer
For the purpose of this explanation I am going to dip into my own personal experiences both in sending money overseas and in purchasing Bitcoin.
Lets start with the remittance issue.  I was vacationing in Europe, Greece to be exact and during my sojourn in Attica (as the locals call it) I received a distressing phone call from a member of my family.  The short if it was that she needed money for an emergency (the water tank burst… but I digress).  No problem I thought, I would visit a local bank and proceed to send money back home.
Suffice it to say that things did not go as planned.  
After trekking all across downtown Athens to locate a specific financial institution, a bank, which I  was told could indeed effect my money transfer request.  I waited 55 minutes to be served, only to fumble with communicating my intentions in a foreign language.  
When finally my goal was properly conveyed I was asked to supply swift codes, Iban, passport information and a slew of information that did not seem relevant in the least! I then come to realize that 2 hours into my attempt to send money back home, I was no closer to completing the task.   That is when I started to think THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!
Much to my chagrin all the sites I visited on the web forced me to once again move from point A to point B, fill out forms and transfer money to the relevant remittance company, who would then complete my request.
A Remittance Website that offered DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer DDT payment option would have made my life infinitely easier.  But that was then and the option was not yet available.
Let’s move on to another example. That of the simple consumer (ie: me) trying to buy a Bitcoin. Sounds simple enough, after all Bitcoin was born on the internet and was essentially conceived for the digital world.
Imagine my surprise when I sought to purchase a Bicoin and was told that I would have to either send a check, wait for the company to recieve it, process it, make sure it clears then I would be able to purchase the Bitcoin I desired.
Of course my other alternative was to wire transfer the funds into the companies account, which of course meant I’d have to go to my financial institution, wait… wait and then explain what I was doing and why.  All I want is to buy a BITCOIN!
Direct Debit Transfer
Thankfully today the process is a great deal simpler, no more running here and there, instead I look for Digital Currency merchants online who offer me the option to pay with my debit card.  No hassle, no commutes, no time wasted, just a simple surf over to a crypto-currency site like Cryptsy or Expresscoin with my bank card in hand and… done.
When our technology runs parallel to our future, life is beautifully simple and efficient.

For more information on DebitWay and its family of payment methods feel free to reach out to our social department:
Payment Processing Info

Charge Backs; Don’t fall victim

If you are an online merchant, you have surely been made aware of the dreaded “Charge Back” or perhaps you have even fallen victim to it.

At we understand the electronic merchant (eMerchant) and we can empathize with the trials and tribulations of the detested charge back that go hand in hand with typical payment service providers and the payment methods they offer.

As an alternative payment service provider proposes different payment methods and this is to the eMerchant’s benefit.’s certified INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) processing and DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) provide online merchants with the luxury of receiving payments without the threat of charge backs.

DebitWay’s IOP (for Canadian consumers) and DebitWay’s DDT (for international consumers) are direct debit transactions, or if you prefer, “cash transactions” and as such they are not subject to charge backs.

In order to better understand what Charge Back/Reversals are and mean to the online merchant, we have drawn up the following article for you to use in order to ascertain a firm grasp/comprehension of what Charge Backs are, what they entail and why you should stay as far away as possible from them.



  • A customer obtains a card from a bank or
  • Transfers money into an eWallet
  • Issues an online check
  • The bank in question is called the “Issuing Bank”
  • Chargebacks are a form of customer protection
  • This customer protection is provided by the Issuing Bank
  • A charge back is put into motion when a customer files a complaint due to fraudulent activity on their statement
  • Once a customer complaint is filed, the Issuing Bank begins an investigation


  • If the issuing bank concludes that the complaint is not valid, no refund from the merchant is requested.
  • Processing Fees may be requested from the merchant


  • The issuing bank refunds the customer the original value
  • The issuing bank takes back the entire value as well as a fee from the eMerchant
  • Depending upon the merchant’s sponsoring bank, the additional fee can range from 0$ to 100$


  • The risk of product or service loss is always present
  • The fees for payment processing are non recoverable
  • The chargeback penalty is inescapable
  • Funds can be held by the issuing bank for 90 days
  • Risk of being “blacklisted”
  • Damage to the merchants public profile

The law stipulates that a cardholder has up to 2 years to file a complaint and request a reversal/charge back.  As a merchant this entails the need to maintain documentation safely for two years.  Although some banks maintain a 6 month policy, the threat of a 2 year old transaction being subject to a reversal remains possible.

Make no mistake, as an online merchant, in regards to charge backs, YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT

The bottom line is that while every eMerchant’s goal is to process as many transactions as possible in order to earn as much profit as possible, a savvy eMerchant should do his due diligence and try his best to avoid falling victim to transaction reversals/charge backs.

The old adage “cash is king” holds true online.  Direct debit transactions are indeed a “cash” transaction because of the nature of the payment processing.  Imagine a virtual ATM that an online consumer can access to pull out cash and pay for your product or service.


  • They preclude the existence of reversals/charge backs
  • Funds are directly deposited into the merchant account
  • Funds are transferred in real-time
  • Consumers need not disclose personal information

For more information on Chargebacks/Reversals or to inquire about DebitWay’s family of available payment methods,

please feel free to email us at:


A Payment Service Provider Halloween

From all of us at DebitWay we would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!
Collect bag fulls of candies and let us worry about all of your payment processing needs!


In case your stumped on ideas for what to dress up as.  Here is a Top 10 list of the most popular Halloween Costumes:

10.  Robber

Easy, quick and a sure fire costume for anyone who is short on time and in need of a disguise.


9.  Princess

Every little girl (oh heck every woman) deserves to be a princess!  When all else fails, dress up as one for Halloween!


8.  Vampire

Wether you are a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Anne Rice’s Lestat or a staunch advocate of the Twillight “glittering” vampire series, the truth will always remain that a little white powder and some fake fangs will go a long way towards getting you the awesome costume!


7.  Ninja Turtle

Get a supersized Turtle shell, strap it to your back, select your favorite color Bandana *Purple, Blue, Red, Orange) with slits cut out for eyes and invest in some green… paint?  And you can be anyone of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michealangelo


6.  Black Widow

From the Movie the Avengers! While not everyone can pull off a tight leather outfit quite like Scarlet Johansson, you can certainly try!


5.  Elsa

From the Movie Frozen.  I know, I said Princess already and this is somewhat redundant.  But you have to understand that Elsa is no ordinary princess!


4.  Groot

From the Movie Guardians of the Galaxy

I am not quite sure how you would fashion a costume to look like a walking, talking tree person, but Groot is awesome!


3.  Captain America

From the Movie the Avengers

That’s right, I said it.  With so much movie fanfare you really can’t go wrong.


2.  Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne

Batman’s alter ego is probably the easiest of all the costumes.  Rent a Tux and walk around, Confident and self sufficient, easy as pie


And the Number 1 Halloween Costume!

1. Zombie

You Can’t go wrong with the trusty Zombie Costume, need we say more?!


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